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WHY you need an Atomic Portfolio

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

2022 is a year of renewal and opportunity, especially for creators. But, with any opportunity there is an increase in competition. Competition for jobs, competition for new clients, and winning these competitions requires you to stand out, to demonstrate your ability and expertise.

Today, your CV and cover letter play a smaller part in the overall hiring process - employers and clients no longer want to just read a list of achievements or skills, they want to SEE that you can actually do the things you claim.

Digital has become so central to most business operations that they can’t just take your word for it anymore, harsh maybe, but true. Most want to see evidence.

What you need is a tool to help you SHOW potential new employers, or clients, that you have the ability to do the things they need you to do for them.

You need to provide evidence, visual information - and quickly.

> You could use your social media feed if it’s applicable?

> You could use your blog, if you have one and it’s up to date?

But, you might not have those, or they might not be relevant.

What you want is a digital marketing portfolio.

However, you might not have one of those laying around either.

Creating and then building a digital marketing portfolio can be a big job in itself.
There’s the time it will take to design, build, brand etc…

Plus, you’ll need a number of up to date projects to fill it, otherwise it will look a little empty.

Thing is, you really need a digital marketing portfolio NOW - employers and clients don’t want to wait.

What you NEED is an Atomic Portfolio.

The Atomic Portfolio has been designed to give you the opportunity to design a digital marketing portfolio in a matter of hours. Yes, hours.

Using a simple template, I created the Atomic Portfolio to be structured so that you can include ALL the vital information hiring managers or clients want to see, in an easily digestible format.

The Atomic Portfolio is primarily aimed at helping aspiring digital marketers create a portfolio with just ONE project. It’s designed to be a platform you can build on.

The idea is to get you up and running, allowing you to send off your digital marketing portfolio to employers, hiring managers and clients as quickly as possible.

Even now, if you create a digital marketing portfolio and use it, you will still be in the minority - use that to your advantage, it's a competitive edge!

As you grow, you can add more projects to your Atomic Portfolio or explore other ways to present your work.

Ultimately, the Atomic Portfolio is an idea, a tool to set you off in the right direction. Just as important is the community that I hope evolves from this ‘digital portfolio movement’.

I have no doubt that the Atomic Portfolio community will work to encourage and mobilise more digital marketers to create their own portfolios! How awesome would that be?

Want to read more about how employers and hiring managers will view your Atomic Portfolio? Check out this post.

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