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WHY is the Atomic Portfolio based on a PDF design?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

It’s a great question, especially when keen observers coming over from my YouTube Channel (Rate My Portfolio) will know I favour web page-based digital marketing portfolios over PDF portfolios.

And I do, I am not gonna lie!

But, given the current job marketing situation, the huge volume of competition, and the speed in which many businesses want to hire you might not have the ability to create a web page-based portfolio - I get it, things move fast.

Which is why I created the Atomic Portfolio and why I designed it as a PDF template.

Creating a PDF digital marketing portfolio is much quicker than creating a web page-based portfolio and they are still a very viable, effective option.

Here are some benefits of creating a PDF digital marketing portfolio:

  • You can develop a PDF portfolio at speed

  • Easy access on ALL devices

  • Simple to style

  • Easy to share

  • File size compression

  • PDF Portfolio can be secured

  • Consistent layout across devices

  • Can be created for FREE without expensive software

When creating a PDF digital marketing portfolio, there are a number of things I recommended that you MUST include to make the user experience enjoyable.

Here are some Atomic Portfolio PDF MUSTS:

  • Readable text size: 24px (at a minimum!)

  • Keep the design bold and simple

  • Avoid unnecessary links and CTAs

  • Test out your portfolio on a number of devices before you share it!

As I mentioned in other posts, the key with Atomic Portfolio’s is about speed, efficiency and opportunity - that’s WHY I created it.

Good luck.

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