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Why I designed the Atomic Portfolio on CANVA?

Most of us know that CANVA is an incredibly accessible tool and for the most part, it doesn't cost anything.

Sure, I could have used Illustrator, InDesign et al but by creating the Atomic Portfolio on Canva I know that most aspiring marketers will be able to pick it quickly and crucially, more of you will have access to it.

What’s the thinking behind the design?

With the design of the Atomic Portfolio, I wanted it to have specific proportions. I needed the dimensions of the portfolio to be viewable on most if not all devices without the need for the user to have to scroll around, or pinch-to-zoom through a PDF page - there’s nothing more cumbersome for a user.

With this in mind, the font-size is important too. Some of you will notice that the font size might be a little larger than you are used to working with, but it provides the user with a pleasant reading experience and removes the dreaded pinch-to-zoom!

Plus, having a larger font-size just means that us marketers will have to practice being that little bit more precise and concise with our writing - which is not a bad thing to practice at all.

Do I recommend a font size? The minimum I would use would be 24px - remember, your portfolio will probably be viewed on a phone.

Ultimately though, the Atomic Portfolio is an idea created to help you take action, to encourage and inspire you to create your own digital marketing portfolio as efficiently and quickly as possible. CANVA gives you the ability to do that.

As the weeks progress, I will be making Atomic Portfolio templates for PhotoShop and I’ll be moving onto webpage-based Atomic Portfolios, featuring WIX and WordPress.

Good luck creating, and stay tuned!

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