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What happens after you’ve created your Atomic Portfolio?

So, you’ve created your Atomic Portfolio… Now what?

Well, first, congratulations are in order. You have dedicated your precious time towards creating new opportunities for yourself, I admire that.

By creating an Atomic Portfolio I really believe that you’ve taken a new step towards charging your life, for the better.

So, what now?


Remember, your Atomic Portfolio is just a tool which will help you build up employer interest in your skills and abilities. Sharing your portfolio with your network online will trigger a number of positive things:

  • Your network will engage with your portfolio work

  • You may receive encouraging feedback for your portfolio from your network

  • People in your network will want to know more about you

  • Some of your network may become paying clients

  • Some of your network might want to invite you onto their podcast

  • Your network will start to see you as an authority, or the ‘go-to’ person on your subject.

  • You will engage in meaningful conversations

  • You will develop new and valuable relationships

  • You will inspire others to do what you’ve done

  • Someone in your network might offer you a job

Just think about where you’ve come from. Only hours ago you’ve gone from having no portfolio, to having a powerful digital marketing portfolio that will create amazing opportunities for you.

All because YOU took action.

Please let me know how your Atomic Portfolio works for you.

Remember to share your creation with the community using the #Atomicportfolio

Can't wait to see what you've created!

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