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How creating an Atomic Portfolio will help you overcome your perfectionism!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

I get it, you want your work to read and look amazing.

We have all faced this desire to create something perfect, something spectacular, to make something beautiful, something that will blow the socks off of your readers and viewers.

But the problem is, when you strive for this level of perfection what you create will never live up to your expectations. Normally, it will take you weeks/months to complete or you’ll never finish it.

Striving for portfolio perfectionism is not uncommon, but it will hold you back.

We’ve either said or heard this before…”I’ve got a few tweaks to make”, “it should be ready next week”... Soundbites like these are common, but if we boil it down, they are just excuses, sorry!

Striving for perfection hampers your ability to get stuff done.

Remember that blog post you said you were writing which should have taken you a week to complete? But, yeah, it took you months to finish and you’ve not done any more since?

Don’t be that person anymore.

Instead, think of ‘creating things’ differently. Use the creative opportunity to test, to learn and to generate feedback. Use this creative period to get things published. I designed the Atomic Portfolio to do just this.

When you create your Atomic Portfolio, you are creating a platform that allows you to gather the data you need to help you grow very quickly. The Atomic Portfolio does not reward perfectionism, it rewards action.

Perfectionism holds most people back. It’s time to get over yourself and start creating today!

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